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None of the people on the list below knew about Adult ADD.
They were never diagnosed or treated. If they had of been, would they still be on this list?
Did they self medicate? We know some did! Perhaps they all did... we'll never know.
However, cannabis has been around for centuries, and like today,
people discover the focusing qualities of marijuana everyday.
Be honest... pot has been around a lot longer than Ritalin or Adderall.
Or... did they achieve their passion and fame “because” they “weren't” diagnosed
and treated?
They didn't need help finding their way, they needed to be left alone,
totally unaware of their gift in order to be who they were meant to be...
alternative, out-of-the-box, possibility thinkers.

I believe there are thousands of genius ADD contributors that have been denied their destiny because of ADD diagnosis and treatment...
for 12 years, just to get a high school diploma.
Education is a good thing... if it doesn't hold you back!
Having a diploma doesn't mean you're educated, being educated doesn't mean you
have a diploma.
Focused passion, has a Master's Degree in any goal and can transcend education...
sometimes by centuries.

Does your name belong on the list below?

Frank Lloyd Wright

Salvador Dali
Pablo Picasso
Vincent Van Gogh

Terry Bradshaw
Michael Phelps
Pete Rose
Nolan Ryan
Michael Jordan
Jason Kidd

Charlotte and Emily Bronte
Samuel Clemens
Emily Dickenson
Edgar Allan Poe
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Robert Frost
George Bernard Shaw
Henry David Thoreau
Leo Tolstoy
Tennessee Williams
Virginia Woolf
William Butler Yeats

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders
Andrew Carnegie
Malcolm Forbes
Henry Ford
Steve Jobs

Bill Gates
Sir Richard Branson

David Neeleman
Paul Orfalea
Ted Turner

Christopher Columbus
Lewis and Clark

Alexander Graham Bell
Thomas Edison
Benjamin Franklin

Ann Bancroft
Jim Carrey
Steve McQueen
Jack Nicholson
Ty Pennington
Elvis Presley
Evil and Robbie Knievel
Sylvester Stallone
Robin Williams
Wright Brothers

Ansel Adams

Albert Einstein

Political Figures
James Carville
John F. Kennedy

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